A relationship with SP&M assures you:

Reliable Service

This includes same day and emergency pick-up service.

Competitive Pricing

A team of specialists continually monitors market conditions to establish fair, competitive prices.

Financial Integrity

We have the most trusted payment cycle in the industry, so you can be sure you will be paid on time, and in full.

Environmental Compliance

We recycle all materials in an environmentally sound manner, reducing your potential liability.


We have the resources, equipment, and experience to solve any recycling requirement.

History of the State Paper & Metal Company, Inc

Morris Gudelman started the company in 1939. He handled scrap paper, iron and other metal, and rags in the company’s original location on Woodruff Avenue near Cherry Street. The company was then called State Iron and Metal Co. Morris’s nephew, Norman Gudelman, immigrated to the United States from Israel and joined his uncle in the company in 1958. Three years later, he and the late Ralph Worshtil bought the company and moved it to the present location on Central Avenue.

Barry Gudelman, Norman’s son and the current President, and Mr. Segall, the Vice President, said the company has gone through a number of transformations. The central recycling items during each transition included paper, waste paper, and nonferrous metals such as copper, brass, and aluminum. Business is a mix of drive-up customers unloading their pop cans to industrial and commercial firms that hire State Paper to haul away tons of office waste.