The State Paper and Metal Company proudly rents and sells balers for private use. SP&M is trying to save the environment one step at a time, and the use of a baler is able to help the process tremendously. SP&M understands how vital recycling is to the conservation of our world, and would be happy to help you do the same.

MThe balers that are made available to you by SP&M are considered green’ processors and brokers of both paper stock and ferrous/non-ferrous metals. They are used to compact your recyclables, like aluminum, scrap papers, and steel, into small, takeaway blocks that can be easily transported and stacked. While there are many different kinds of balers, SP&M specializes in vertical balers as they are able to aid in the recycling process quite well.

After you’ve accumulated enough recyclable materials to generate a recycled block, simply contact us and SP&M will come to pick up your recycled blocks with our specialty enclosed trucks. We will then take the blocks to an off-site location, leaving little to no work necessary to be done by you. Your only job is aiding SP&M in the conservation of our Earth, and with the rental or purchase of your very own baler, you’re able to do so in a significant way.