Have a large quantity of plastics, aluminum, shrink/ stretch wrap, out of date stock, office paper, files, cardboard, etc. you want to recycle? State Paper & Metal can provide the personal service of picking up the material for recycling. If your business has a particular need for pick up of recyclable material, please contact us, we will streamline a service to accommodate your needs. We have several methods of pickup and/or containers.

We want material from your Demolition Site or Manufacturing Plant

If you’re a contractor demolishing a building, a roofer with sheet metal, or you generate scrap on your construction site, call The State Paper & Metal Company about your project. We want to talk to you about recycling your scrap properly and getting you the most money.

If you’re in charge of manufacturing and you generate any type of recyclable material, whether it is paper, cardboard, computers, cars, or old equipment, you can call The State Paper & Metal Company to see if we can help make you money on material that is in your way, taking up precious space that you may need for your business.

With years experience in the recycling industry, State Paper & Metal has built up relationships with different mills to market our products. We can offer our expertise to your business, to market your materials and get you the best prices available. More important we can move your materials when other companies cannot.